Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to take Wynlife W3® Optima?

A: Wynlife W3® Optima has passed all safety assessments for supplements based on FDA regulations. Wynlife’s quality system ensures products are continuously tested for heavy metals, pesticides and toxicity. Through these tests Wynlife has confirmed W3® Optima is safe for human consumption.

Q: Are there scientific studies that can prove the efficacy of Wynlife W3® Optima?

A: Many scientific studies confirm the efficacy of Wedelia Chinensis W3®, and have been published in renowned international journals, such as the " Journal of Phytomedicine ", " Clinical Cancer Research " and " PLoS One".

Q: What are the main components of Wynlife W3® Optima?

A: The main components of Wynlife W3® Optima include wedelolactone, luteolin, and apigenin. Wynlife W3® Optima is extracted and purified from selected high purity Wedelia Chinensis, using the patented technology licensed from the leading research institute in Taiwan.

Q: Can vegetarians take W3® Optima?

A: Wynlife W3® Optima is purified extract of Wedelia Chinensis, a precious herb found only in East Asia. There is no animal material added during the production process. It is safe for vegetarians to take.

W3® Optima (PN602)

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