• Zinc + Vitamin C combined with Reishi F3® & W3® help boost your immune system so you can better fight seasonal flus and viruses.


  • Reishi F3® and W3® are manufactured using patented technology to not only extract the most biologically active ingredients but retain the most biologically active form.


  • Reishi mushroom has been used to help enhance the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep, and lessen fatigue[1]. Reishi F3® has only biologically active polysaccharides from the Reishi herb, no crude extracts. Polysaccharides[2] are abundant natural polymers found in plants. They are well known for their high nutritive value and the positive effects on our immune and digestive functions and detoxification system.


  • Studies have shown Wedelia chinensis provides anti-inflammatory benefits[3]. W3® main components, including wedelolactone, luteolin, and apigenin, are formulated synergistically in perfect proportion to help fight inflammation.





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Zinc + Vitamin C Lozenge

SKU: 8004
  • 30 Lozenges

  • Adults take three lozenges daily. Allow each lozenge to dissolve slowly in mouth.